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NOW PLAYING Mombach, Israel Lazarus (1813 - 1880) - L'Adonai Ha'aretz - Psalm 24

Welcome to the Shelf to Shul Project. Below you will find samples of scanned pages and their associated MIDI files.

The idea of this project is to provide over the Internet as many scanned pages of Jewish Liturgical Music as possible taken from sources around the world together with, where available, MIDI files of the music to allow you both to see the words and hear the music. Separate files will be made available in the future of each of the parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) so that you can print the music at home and give copies to your choir members. You can also give/E-mail them their parts in a MIDI file to assist learning.

If you can help convert music into MIDI files, please get in touch.

Right now the only bottle-neck is funding!

For any further information contact Stephen Simpson (Email:

Viewing/Printing under Windows95 and Windows 3.1

If you only have Windows95 and Paint (medium quality printing)
If you only have the Paint program that comes with Windows 95 (under the "Accessories" folder), then download the files and view them with Paint. To print the images, select "Image - Stretch/Skew" or press Ctrl+W from the keyboard. First reduce 'horizontal' to 50% and click 'OK'. Then again press Ctrl+W and now reduce 'vertical' to 50% and click 'OK' again. Save the image now as a bitmap (.BMP - as the Windows 95 Paint will not 'save as' pcx files). It will be a smaller file and the resolution will only be of medium quality. However, you will now be able to print the music on a regular A4 sheet.

If you have Windows95 and another proprietary viewing program (high quality printing)
If you have Windows95 and some other picture viewing software, then download the files and try to load them into your software. If your imaging software cannot read .PCX files, then view the files using the Paint program that comes with  Windows 95 (under the "Accessories" folder) and simply 'save as' a .BMP file. Your imaging software should be able to read a .BMP file.
The resolution here will be excellent but you will probably need to alter the picture size (from your imaging program) to suit the paper size you use to print on.

If you have Windows 3.1
Download and save the files.
Run the Paintbrush program from "Accessories".
Load the file.
Select 'Print' from 'File' on the menu bar. The "Print" window opens. Click on the box marked "Use printer Resolution". Click on 'OK'.


Mombach, Israel Lazarus (1813 - 1880)
L'Adonai Ha'aretz - Psalm 24
(No. 176 - page 146 from the "Voice of Prayer and Praise" first published in London in 1899)

176.mid     (11kb)
176_1.pcx (153 kb)
176_2.pcx (145 kb)
176_3.pcx (153 kb)
176_4.pcx (145 kb)
All files: (245 kb)

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